Curriculum & Typical Day


We organise our time at preschool around the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. We always aim to follow the childrens individual interests within this framework.

We feel it is very important for the children to be involved with our visual displays as much as possible and many of the children love to be creative and to see their master pieces on the walls for all to admire!

Parental involvement is strongly encouraged since the children benefit further where links between staff and parents are strong. Our ‘parent pop-in’ sessions, when a parent comes into preschool to share a hobby or an interest with the children, are very successful. We have had balloon modelling demonstrations, science experiments and a visit from a fireman!

A Typical Pre-school Session

Our morning and afternoon sessions run for 3 hours. All sessions may vary slightly but we follow a basic timetable/routine. We believe that preschool daily routines help to ensure the consistency that young children need to encourage all areas of their development.


Arrival – Children find their own name label to put next to a coat peg and hang up bag and coat.They go into the main room and choose an activity which is already set out. These vary each day but may be lacing cards, pegs and pegboards, puzzles, playdough.


Tidy up time – toys are cleared away and all children sit on the carpet in a circle to say hello to one another and to the staff. We talk about the day of the week, the weather and share our visual timetable together.

9.30am – 9.50am

Group time – Children do an adult-led activity within their keygroup. Some groups will be inside for this and others outside. Activities are always based on the children’s interests so will be different within each group.


Tidy up time – all children help tidy up.


Story time – in keygroups. The story chosen will again be centred on the children’s interests or related to a current relevant theme (e.g. Christmas, holidays, etc.)


Snacktime – Children use toilets/ wash hands. They find their name label on their keygroup snack table and sit down to share snacks (e.g. fruit, breadsticks, toast). Each child chooses either a carton of milk or a cup of water.


Group Time – Children do an adult-led activity within their keygroup. The groups swap areas so if they were outside earlier they will be inside this time. Activities are always based on the children’s interests so will be different in each group.


Free play time – Children can choose any activities inside or outside to play with. Everyday activities are blocks, sand pit, obstacle courses, playdough to name a few plus each day we set out something special for exploration such as water, shaving foam, leaves, sticks etc.


Tidy up time – all children help tidy up.


Song time – in keygroups. Children choose songs to sing or are taught new songs.


Home time – Children collect their bags and coats and sit at tables in their keygroups. Parents collect their children from the table and have the opportunity to talk to the keyperson about the session.

The afternoon sessions (12.00-3.00pm) run in the same format except the session begins with lunch. Children can bring a packed lunch from home. or hot School lunches are now available on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday lunchtime (£2 per meal and just let the staff know by 9:30 on the day).

"Providing a stimulating, caring environment where children develop as confident and enquiring individuals."