Timsbury Preschool serves the community of Timsbury and the surrounding villages.

We offer and allocate places according to age, with children in their preschool year being given priority. However, there may be occasions where priority is given to a child with particular needs. Places are allocated throughout the year subject to availability.

We admit children when they are 2½ years old, subject to availability.

We recommend that all children should attend for at least 2 sessions a week to help the settling in process and to help build strong bonds with their keyperson. Other sessions can be added if available when parents and staff feel the children would benefit.

The term after their 3rd birthday, children are eligible for Government funding for 15 hours a week (i.e. five sessions). The preschool will aim to accommodate these hours for all eligible children in their preschool year (i.e. those going to school the following September).

Children receiving 15 hours of funding can have additional hours if space allows and these will be charged at the hourly rate.

Please note: If your child is offered a place at Timsbury Preschool this does not mean that they will be offered a place at St Mary’s Primary School – a separate application will need to be done for school.

For further information please see our admissions policy. To apply for a place for your child use the Initial Application Form.

"Providing a stimulating, caring environment where children develop as confident and enquiring individuals."